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New Blog page 11/15/12

If you noticed a new note on the home page, that has been moved to the new blog page for this wiki, so take a look there and participate as you will!

This page will be redesigned a bit to be less bloggy, and I will move some items below to either the blog or other pages, so the Home page is more HOME y.

Please let me know if you have further suggestions for this Wiki, and if you have great content about bringing about Peace, let me know if you wish to become an author on this site.

We are approaching a holiday time for many cultures in this world, and I want to wish you - Peace in these times.

-- Sue Klaus

April 15, 2010

Tax day, And 53% of my tax dollars went to WAR.
My 401K at work enables me to be a WAR investor by default.Visit
Our US space program is compromised because of WAR.

However, these companies are doing just fine, thank you very much.
Dwight D. Eisenhower is becoming my favorite general, ever. He warned of this, he knew it was coming. The WAR economy of this world will bring us to our knees.

From The Economist :


May 28, 2009

In redesigning the site's look, I hope that you find things a little easier on the eyes. All the menus are the same, just on the right, instead of the left - which is pretty funny, when you think about it.

War is the BIG LIE.
"All war is based on deception." -- Sun Tzu, The Art of War
Take a look here:

January 23 ,2009.
I have added new pages to the wiki all connected to the new listing in the menu called Barriers to Peace. It is still under development, but just keep checking back for the completion.
Please feel free to start discussions on any page you find here.
Thank you!

January 8, 2009.
I am sorry to inform you that even though there are many people who have visited this site from all over the world, murder is still the order of the day on this planet.

If people think about peace, they're not choosing it. Or, they just don't think about it, because it's 'impossible,' 'human nature.'

Gaza. Darfur. Sri Lanka. Iraq. Afghanistan. Mexico. Congo. Burma. Chechnya.

Drive-by shooters. Gang initiations. Police shootings. Disappearing.

Domestic abusers. Children. Spouses. Parents. Abused and/or killed for no reason.

Human trafficking. Forced prostitution.

Games, TV, movies and books that glorify murder, violence, and war.

Images implanted on the brains of children every day by our worldwide media.

Justifiable war?
War to end all wars?
Defending democracy?

Revenge, when karma takes care of all wounds.
Murder, when life is so precious.
Hatred, when only love makes life worth living at all.

I urge you, in your daily lives, your house, your neighborhood, your city, your country - I beseech you with every fiber of my being - please try to Think and Choose PEACE.

Please try.

Welcome to Think Peace, Choose Peace. My name is Sue Klaus. I am not an academic, nor a well published author. I have very little experience in politics and even less experience in world economics. But, I can read; I can listen; and, I'm worried.

We need to explore how to achieve peace on our planet. Real, actual, peace - the kind of peace that the world has likely never seen before. The kind of peace that enables the hungry to not be hungry and the homeless not to be homeless. Peace that enables children to play without being strafed, napalmed or orphaned.

The steps to take are difficult; they will take a long time, and are a hard sell. But the payoff could be immense.

Most people believe that peace is impossible. And that belief comes from starting to think about peace. Once you start thinking about the components for making peace possible, it seems undoable. And that is the crucial point where people stop thinking about peace any more.

So, what if we broke it down - explored the components individually first. Then, we could build on the components, each to our own abilities, to our own gifts.

Here are two videos that started this running.

"frigates of common sense launching love bombs from turrets of peace!!"


Peace gifts.