Why would someone start a site like this? Isn't peace impossible? Shouldn't we fight others to keep what we have?

There are songs, pictures, books, movies, videos that move me. We all have things that move us. On this page we can list things that have moved us to think about peace.

I am reading this dissertation, and I will let you know how I come out the other side...
The origin of war: the evolution of a male-coalitional reproductive strategy.
Dennen, J.M.G. van der

"While I was frenziedly skimming all the literature I could lay hands on in
search of some solution, some hint even, to the vexing problem of why human
beings - ’primitive’ or ’civilized’ did not seem to make a difference - exhibited
this peculiar behavior of massively and concertedly exterminating members of
their own kind, two things happened which changed my perspective
dramatically. The first was Jane Goodall’s reports in the seventies - in the first
reports her despairing bewilderment about the discoveries is clearly perceptible
- of strange and horrible events happening in the chimpanzee population she
had been observing for many years. Some of her beloved animals seemed to
have acquired a taste for cannibalism, and, incredibly, one community of
chimpanzees actually seemed to be trying to deliberately exterminate another
community, in such a way as to closely resemble human raiding in warfare.
Obviously, Homo sapiens sapiens was no longer unique among the creatures
that crawl this earth in its destructive propensities. Equally obviously, all
theories about the origin of war, in which implicitly Man’s uniqueness was
presumed, could be put quietly to rest. A broader, more general explanatory
perspective or framework was required: an evolutionary one."

Michael Sky is a great singer/songwriter that I hear on SongPlanet Radio (WSPR) regularly. I hear him because I am a DJ on SongPlanet.com, and play his music during my show.
He wrote a song that hit me so hard I asked him if I could make a video for it.
This is that video, for the song "Forgiveness II"

I'll start.

Today I saw this video. Billy Joel's song Leningrad makes me cry each time I listen to it or see this video. It drives home not how different we are from people in other countries, but how incredibly the SAME we are. How borders don't even matter person to person.

Also, there is this video with Sting, RUSSIANS. We are all brothers and sisters.

My father and his family came from Ukraine. I probably still have distant relatives there. My mother's family came from Ireland and Czechoslovakia. Again. there are relatives there I may never meet or know. If I have relatives in Europe, then I have a stake in Europe. My father always claimed that there was some connection in the family to Attila the Hun. Whether he was kidding or not, that opens eastern Asia to my particular mix of family. I have a cousin who disappeared into Canada when the Vietnam Draft started. I have no idea where he is. I have a cousin from my uncle's first marriage and I have likely never met her, and I have no idea where in this country she is, either.

How could I possibly fight in any of these areas, here or abroad, knowing that my family, my own flesh and blood, could be around the next corner?

What if, in truth, anywhere in the world, my family, my own flesh and blood, IS around the next corner?


Ten years ago my universe was relatively small. My family almost all in Illinois, except for one cousin's family in Washington state, some other cousins in California, Florida and Tennessee, and one nephew's family in Colorado. One friend lived in Pennsylvania and another in Central Illinois.

Now I have friends in England, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Singapore, the Phillippines, Australia, and New Zealand. How would I go about establishing a foreign policy that would HELP all my new friends. and not HURT any of them?

There's a challenge.