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Abbas Appeals at UN for End of Israeli ‘Genocide’ in Gaza Strip
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By Bill Varner
Jan. 6 (Bloomberg) -- Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said Israel’s attack on the Gaza Strip is “genocide” and appealed for urgent action by the United Nations Security Council to stop the 11-day assault.
“The entire world opinion will accept no less than an urgent intervention by the Security Council to stop the fighting and deter the aggressor,” Abbas said at the UN in New York late today. “This is the message I am bearing.”
Abbas endorsed Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak’s proposal for an immediate cease-fire that would allow Israelis and Palestinians to discuss security arrangements to avoid another round of deadly violence. Mubarak said he asked Israeli and Palestinian leaders to accept his plan after meeting in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, with French President Nicolas Sarkozy.
IAEA says US report on Iran supports its findings

4 December 2007 - The United Nations nuclear watchdog (IAEA) said on Tuesday that the latest US intelligence report on Iran's nuclear weapons programme backed up the findings of IAEA inspectors over the past few years. 'This validates the repeated assessment of the director general that the inspectors' findings represented no clear and present danger and that there was ample time for negotiations,' a senior official at the International Atomic Energy Agency told Reuters.

US President Bush celebrates peace with Northern Ireland leaders
8 December 2007 - Northern Ireland leaders Ian Paisley and Martin McGuinness, bitter enemies turned partners in government, concluded their first joint visit to Washington with a celebration of peace with President Bush at the White House. Northern Ireland's economy has improved greatly since rival paramilitary groups declared ceasefires in the mid-1990s.

European Union, Africa open first summit in seven years
8 December 2007 - Leaders from the European Union and Africa met on Saturday to forge a new strategic partnership at their first summit in seven years. The call for a fresh start comes at a time when many African countries' economies are growing more rapidly than in several decades, thanks to a commodities-fuelled boom.

Israeli Prime Minister Olmert and Palestinian President Abbas plan for first post-Annapolis talks
7 December 2007 - Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert met top advisers on Thursday to prepare for his first meeting with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas since the two leaders launched formal peace talks last week. Senior Abbas aide Saeb Erakat, a member of the Palestinian negotiating team, said: 'We intend to engage seriously to reach the end game of all the final status issues before the end of 2008.'

Norway Rated Most "Peaceful" Country In The World, Iraq The Least