Many people share living space, and need to get along well enough to cohabit without constant strife. A household without peace is a household of hellishness. No human needs that kind of stress. No human can function to a tenth of their potential under that kind of stress.

This doesn't mean that roommates, spouses, parents and children don't occasionally argue. It does mean that when life stresses threaten to spin out of control, at least someone will recognize that, and take appropriate steps to get help.

Peace in our homes encompasses the range of domestic abuse. There is no peace where any abuse is happening. If an elderly parent, a spouse, a child or a significant other ever feels abused, emotionally, physically, spiritually, mentally, there is no peace in that house. Until that situation is rectified, no peace is possible. If there are children and parents in that house that exhibit bullying behavior, that is not consistent with peace.

Some of us may find that we have a lot to work on just in our own homes. There is nothing wrong with concentrating on that. This is not a quick process, nor a quick fix.

Get used to the idea that the peace process takes a long time. Then, you will find you are re-defining the term "a long time."