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the art of war
the most dangerous animal
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you will encounter people with no interest in your thoughts about peace. sometimes the best choice with people will be to back off and let them have their choices. while that's a frustrating feeling, your peaceful choice here will be to move forward.</body><textColor>-16777216</textColor><textBackground>1</textBackground><folderId>2</folderId><textSize>20</textSize><textStyle>Normal</textStyle><createTime>Thu 29/04 01:09</createTime><priority>0</priority><ntodo>0</ntodo><attach></attach><npassword></npassword></note><note><nid>6</nid><ntitle> peaceful choices</ntitle><body>everything we do can involve choices. </body><textColor>-16777216</textColor><textBackground>1</textBackground><folderId>2</folderId><textSize>20</textSize><textStyle>Normal</textStyle><createTime>Thu 29/04 01:06</createTime><priority>0</priority><ntodo>0</ntodo><attach></attach><npassword></npassword></note><note><nid>5</nid><ntitle>fairness</ntitle><body>you often hear, it isn't fair, they weren't being fair, and the all around classic, life isn't fair.

while these statements are usually true, there is another true statement.

even if life isn't fair, people can be, and again, that is a choice. a fair choice is a peaceful choice. that is just another reason to change habits of choice.</body><textColor>-16777216</textColor><textBackground>1</textBackground><folderId>2</folderId><textSize>20</textSize><textStyle>Normal</textStyle><createTime>Thu 29/04 12:44</createTime><priority>0</priority><ntodo>0</ntodo><attach></attach><npassword></npassword></note><note><nid>4</nid><ntitle>the Christmas truce </ntitle><body>first world war</body><textColor>-16777216</textColor><textBackground>1</textBackground><folderId>2</folderId><textSize>20</textSize><textStyle>Normal</textStyle><createTime>Wed 28/04 09:29</createTime><priority>0</priority><ntodo>0</ntodo><attach></attach><npassword></npassword></note><note><nid>3</nid><ntitle>peace in hard times</ntitle><body>when you're angry - reference peace is every step

when you're lonely

when you're grieving

when you feel rage

when you have been wronged

when you / your loved ones have been harmed

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1 what is peace? is it just the absence of war? or would it be something far deeper than that, a way of life?
what would peace feel like?
what would peace be like, every day, as we went about our daily lives?
maybe it's just about making daily small choices each day, not with grand fanfare, but by example. you don't need to make speeches, or proselytize peace. its more about choosing peace one minute at a time in your normal life.
it is not easy, rather it's very hard work. it's easy to slip up, show anger, speak hastily, but it's important to start again.

2 why would you want peace? what would it mean for security, jobs, economies around the world? does it mean no mote armies? no, I thinly each country would still keep armies. would It mean no more war? that is one guiding goal, but there would still be the possibility of war. perhaps the difference would be less war, shorter wars.
it could lead to taking the time to understand, and learn, about people other than ourselves.

3 group exercise
separate the class into four groups. one group has great farmland, one has mostly forests. another has mostly ocean islands, and the 4th has deserts. all four groups meet to decide how to make sure their people can survive. they do not interact with the other groups at first.
then each group elects and sends a member to each of the other groups to talk about trade.

4 barriers to peace

5 individual choices of peace

6 assembling a personal peace portfolio

7 people,peace,law and sacrifice

8 changing the world by thinking and choosing peace