Think Peace. Choose Peace.

That's my campaign. It's not meant to be catchy or cute, even though it comes off that way. There is hard work associated with it.

You cannot have peace if it is never honestly considered as an option. So, you have to once in a while, THINK peace. THINK about how peace changes lives. Think about people able to live without fear. What wondrous things could they accomplish if there were peace?

Then, once that is accomplished, the next step is to actually CHOOSE peace. That requires a conscious decision; a commitment. Choose peace - in your home. In your workplace. In your city.

If peace is never considered a viable option, because "that can never happen," what hope is there?

But what couild be accomplished if more people actually thought, then chose? I think that is the only way for any modicum of peace to happen. It's hard work. It's a hard sell. But it won't happen without it.